I am the chairperson of QWorld‘s board. QWorld is a non-profit organization of a global network of individuals, groups, and communities collaborating on education and implementation of quantum technologies and research activities. I led the establishment and development of QWorld and its network in 2019 & 2020. I am also founder of QLatviaSoftware (2018) and co-founder of QTurkey (2019).

Moreover, I am a researcher in the Center for Quantum Computer Science and an associate professor in the Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia. I am holding “dossenti” title of University of Turku. I am a member of IFIP Working Group 1.2 “Descriptional Complexity”.

As a researcher, I have been working on working on quantum automata and complexity theory since 2006. Recently, I have started to work on implementation of quantum algorithms on real quantum devices.